from David Treadway, MD, Firebrand Media

Sir; Your article ‘Does in-store media work in c-stores’ (January 21, p40) appeared somewhat dismissive of in-store TV while supporting the use of ambient media, particularly baskets.
But where was the evidence to support the assertion that baskets are a wiser use of spend than in-store TV? An example of a baskets campaign delivering a 25% incremental uplift to a major fmcg brand was quoted but that single data point cannot be compared with an average 20% uplift across all Sainsbury’s Convenience TV campaigns.
It would be far more accurate to compare the basket example with the brand that had a 74% sales uplift on the Sainsbury’s Convenience TV platform!
It is important to compare like-for-like data, which the article failed to do. Even the comparison between in-store TV networks pitched Sainsbury’s Convenience TV average against a single product campaign result in the Spar trial. The equivalent comparison should have been the Sainsbury’s Convenience TV average of 20% versus Spar’s average of 10%. And what is the average for basket media?
In-store TV delivers excellent results - we prove that day in and day out for Sainsbury and for the advertisers. Firebrand Media’s platform is designed around the characteristics of c-store shopping and we believe it is this that has been a major contributor to the success of Sainsbury’s Convenience TV.