Women's glossy In Style magazine has announced a circulation of 150,344 ­ its first official sales figure since launch, based on an independently audited figure over the first five issues. Publisher Time Life Entertainment is emphasising that the figure ­ which puts In Style on a par with titles such as Emap's Red ­ was achieved without covermounting or price-slashing. Kate Egan, publisher of In Style, said: "We have been focused on establishing In Style as a strong brand with a loyal readership, and we are very proud to have achieved this figure at full cover price and without covermounting on the news stand, during our first five months. "We are delighted to have met our target launch figure, particularly during such a frenetic time in the women's magazine sector. We've established a strong base which we will build on steadily." Egan added that more than two-thirds of In Style readers had read at least three out of four issues ­ and put this down to the mix of personal shopping advice in a "glossy, celebrity environment". She concluded: "In Style set out to keep a low advertising to editorial ratio and we have been able to support this with healthy advertising rates. "Advertising is experiencing constant growth and we are well over target with our September and October issues." {{CTN }}