>>the key area to watch is stick lines

When you’re hot and fancy an ice cream it’s much easier to pop into your local store than a supermarket and the recent hot weather has been good for independents. Over the year they had a 27.1% share of the total hand held ice cream market. But for the latest 12 weeks this has been boosted to 29.3%.

The key area where sales will rocket is stick lines - these account for over 50% of hand-held ice cream sales within the co-op/symbol and independent sector.

Less popular this year are choc ices. These are in decline within independents, at -6.7% compared to last year, though this decline is even more marked in the total market, at -11.1%

An area of growing importance is ‘hand held ice cream other’, including products like screwballs, Calippo and Solero shots.