>>stores must work harder on availability of magazine titles

Magazines are the only category in the top 10 where actual sales fall below those intended in independent stores.

A recent study by Harris International Marketing (HIM) shows that there remains a 27% slippage in magazines because 11% enter stores intending to buy but only 8% do so. In short this means that magazine sales would be 38% higher if all shoppers could find what they want.

Magazine buyers arrive intending to spend £6.44 and when their favourite magazine is unavailable they leave having spent only £4.91.

Availability on some magazine SKUs is unacceptably low at independents. FHM, for example, was available in only 77% of stores, Hello in 86% and What’s on TV in 90%. According to Tom Fender, HIM managing director, it is critical that retailers make sure that availability is 100% on the on-sale dates, when demand is going to be high.