New health and safety guidance for c-stores and newsagents will make it easier for independent retailers to check they are operating within the law, according to the British Retail Consortium. The guidance, unveiled by the government last week, is designed to give managers of small to medium-sized retail outlets a simple way of assessing risk in their workplace and ensuring compliance with health and safety law. The Health and Safety Executive has said this guidance, which was developed with help from the BRC, is the standard by which legal compliance with health and safety regulations should be judged. "Managers of c-stores and newsagents have an incredibly busy and diverse role," said BRC health and safety policy advisor Annabel Berdy. "Dealing with something as complex as health and safety law in between making orders and stacking shelves can be a tough task, particularly in the past when there has been a genuine lack of clear and accessible advice. "The BRC felt it was important to contribute to the development of this guidance so that independent retailers could benefit from the combined knowledge of some of the major players in the industry."