An internet entrepreneur is helping shoppers buy groceries from their local high street without setting foot outside the door.

At Will Seward's website,, consumers can browse for local independents from the comfort of their living room. Shoppers choose the goods they want, pay by credit or debit card - plus a £5 delivery fee - and choose a delivery time.

When the order is placed, an e-mail is sent to the relevant store. Product is then sorted into ambient, chilled and frozen ready for pick up by the Poptotheshops van, which delivers to customers. Retailers can sign up to the service for free and pay a 10% commission on sales to the company.

The service is operating in Caldicot, Chepstow and Newport through 17 retailers. Cardiff is next on the list in February and Seward is considering either franchising the concept or getting funding for a national roll-out. "It's a low-risk proposition for retailers," he said.