Independent retailers will now get a whole week devoted to celebrating their contribution to local communities next year.

The success of National Independents' Day has prompted organiser the Federation of Wholesale Distributors to create National Independents' Week, from 4-11 June.

Alan Toft, chairman of the FWD's My Shop is Your Shop campaign, said: "We can now use the investment of funds and energy across seven days instead of one. It makes better marketing sense for the big brands and wholesalers who are backing the campaign."

The wholesaler-inspired move was designed to give greater scope to consumer PR and in-store marketing activity, Toft added.

Carol Hardstaff, who runs a Londis store at Woodland Grove in Nottingham and

is backing the idea, said: "Many people want to support the independent, but it is not always easy for them to get into the shop on one specific day."

Leamington Spa retailer Sunder Sandher said: "This will give retailers the opportunity to wear the special

T shirts and use other promotional materials for seven days rather than one. It will make a much greater impact on the consumer."

NIW will be supported by another national media money-off coupon.