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SIR; Instead of offering new insight into the plight of indepen­dent retailers, ­Jerry Marwood's The Saturday ­Essay (The Grocer, May 13) perpe­tuates a well-trodden circular belief: while some consumers can't live without ­independents, their future seems to lie in the hands of authorities, reviews and protection bodies. Come off it. Other business sectors don't.

Take food manufacturing. Rather than tearfully be­moaning the dominance of conglomerates,small and ­medium-sized producers have set about pr0­viding unique, creative products. And they sell. The same ­applies to retailers.

In order to thrive, independents must offer something unique. It might be a local service, a charity connection or a high-margin local product. There are countless possibilities. And, unencumbered by layers of corporate management, ideas can be implemented right away.