This year will see a further £4m generic egg promotion campaign, backed by the British Egg Industry Council. Three bursts of television adverstising are planned on GMTV and Sky through the year. There will also be bus side posters with the line Fast food and good for you' and others promoting the Lion quality message. Supermarket sites have also been targeted, with press ads in the nationals, retailer magazines and the women's press. This will be supported by a campaign to promote eggs to schools and medical professionals. This will be accompanied by a campaign to enhance the Lion Quality scheme profile to caterers, an area where the Lion mark has not been as visible as it is in retail. October is the sixth Crack an Egg month ­ with the continuing support of retailers. BEIC chairman Andrew Parker said: "Following each burst of last year's advertising campign, retail egg sales stabilised after a previous decline. This proves the marketing campaign is definitely generating increased sales of Lion Quality eggs," "This year the Lion Quality mark is back on the egg shell, the clearest possible communication for consumers." {{PROVISIONS }}