Sir; Your article about the RSPB's plans to use its logo on meat produced in a wildlife-friendly way (The Grocer, July 23, p23) is misleading and somewhat mealy-mouthed. A growing number of today's consumers want to make informed choices about the food they buy ­ not just its price, but its quality, its origins, and its environmental and ethical credentials. Witness the boom in farmers' markets, FairTrade products and most notably organic food. The RSPB, with its own reserves and livestock, a strong ecological and agricultural background and a membership of more than one million consumers, is well placed to help develop this sector of the market. Some products will be produced to organic standards while others will be produced to a specific set of RSPB standards developed to ensure there are benefits to birds and other wildlife. Our initiative will also aim to increase the return to participating farmers, who on average now receive just 9p for every £1 spent on food by shoppers. Hannah Bartram Agriculture policy officer RSPB The Lodge Sandy Bedfordshire {{LETTERS }}