28% of meals and snacks feature yellow fats

Low fat spreads are in significant growth, driven by increased consumption by children and men, women having switched years ago to healthier options

Almost half of all yellow fats are eaten by the 45+ who have an even higher share of butter (58%).

Taste, convenience and health on toast

One third of yellow fats are eaten at breakfast. Butter has an even higher presence at breakfast than yellow fats overall, driven by consumers who treat themselves to butter at the weekend.

Some 40% of yellow fats are eaten at lunchtime. Most is used for in-home lunches, dominated by older consumers. One third of lunchtime yellow fats are used in lunchbox meals (mainly margarine in sandwiches). Both children and adults (especially males) are key consumers of sandwiches in the lunchbox, with 30% of lunchbox yellow fats consumed by children and 46% by adult men.

Butter is mainly consumed as a treat, but has declined by 5% in the last year. Packet butter has driven this decline. But spreadable butter has continued to grow, up 5% on 2004. While low fat spreads meet the need for convenience and health, spreadable butter is meeting taste as well as convenience needs. Standard margarine and packet butter look set to continue to struggle for growth as they fail to truly satisfy more than one need. Chris Ponton, TNS Worldpanel