In the past year, broccoli was consumed at 1.5 billion meal occasions, an increase of 9% year on year

31% of meals featuring broccoli are eaten on Sundays.

62% of broccoli is consumed at the evening meal.

43% is eaten with gravy and 36% with roast dinners.

Broccoli still linked to Sunday roast

Although women over 45 account for a quarter of broccoli consumption, kids are not too far behind, accounting for 22%. Also, children are 22% more likely to eat broccoli than any other vegetable. Those younger than five are increasing their consumption at the fastest rate (up 26%). Females aged 25-44 have also increased their consumption by 12%, although they still account for only 14% of consumption.

With the health benefits of broccoli being extolled in the media, it is no surprise that 51% of broccoli is consumed for health reasons. Despite an increase last year, broccoli consumption by males aged 17-24 is now static, while that of other consumers is increasing.

Broccoli still has strong links to the Sunday roast, with 31% of it consumed on Sundays. It is also consumed with carrots (59%), gravy (43%), roast dinners (36%) and roast potatoes (23%). However, broccoli is now featuring more often as a snack at teatime (up 13% year on year) and at the beginning of the week (up 13% on Monday/Tuesday). With preparation methods such as stir frying and microwaving on the increase, broccoli is also seen as convenient. Laura Wilson