There were 1.3 billion occasions where canned veg was eaten last year

Consumption has grown every year since 2003

21% of consumption is by children and 39% is accounted for by the 45-plus age group. 57% of canned veg is consumed at the evening meal

A healthy addition to meal times

Canned peas are still the most popular canned vegetable, although they dipped 5% last year while sweetcorn recorded healthy growth of 18%. The two vegetables are at opposite ends of the consumer spectrum, with sweetcorn being eaten more by children (28%) and peas by adults in the 45-plus age group (43%).

Canned veg consumption is still in growth, although it appeals to older consumers aged 45-plus. Only a third of meal occasions feature both adults and children. However, consumption among six to 10-year-olds has grown faster than it has for either total veg or fresh veg. Children aged six to 10 have increased their consumption by 26% year-on-year. Women aged 25-34 have also increased their consumption, by 19%.

Canned veg is most likely to be eaten because it naturally complements foods (17%). It is also considered a healthy food by 16% of consumers. It is most likely to appear beside potatoes (72% of occasions). But 40% is now eaten with a light meal, compared with 27% in 2003. It is eaten with red meat by 23% of consumers and poultry by 18%.

Nick Bavin