Former BBC weatherman John Kettley is fronting a new insurance scheme offering companies protection against the wrong kind of weather.

The scheme is being launched by insurance agent, which said it got the idea after two years of drastic weather fluctuations.

The scheme offers insurance against extreme changes in local or international weather, with a minimum sum insured of £100,000.

Weatherbrokers said food suppliers, distributors and retailers had shown particular interest in weather risk mitigation, which offered cover on any given year, season, month or named period.

The loss of about £3bn to UK businesses in December 2010 after unusually high levels of snow and ice, had been a turning point for many companies, with Weatherbooker's senior risk meteorolgist, Jim Dale, comparing it to "leaving the house naked during a storm".

Kettley, a 30-year veteran of weather forecasting, said: "We could issue timely weather warnings, predict three months ahead and measure the impact. But we couldn't stop the weather causing financial mayhem."