Five 100% organic breakfast cereals are the first lines from Pertwood Organic Cereals, a new venture based in Salisbury, Wiltshire. Chris Walford, responsible for day to day running of the company, believes the organic sector must retain its integrity to succeed and survive, and that quality product in quality packaging is a must. "Consumers are taking a more critical interest in how their food is grown, prepared and delivered, and we felt many organic products were poorly presented, lacked quality or confused the message. "Organic farming may have had its feet planted in tradition but we need to project it as a developing, forward looking discipline with a strong future, not a quaint preservation of the past as is often mistakenly portrayed. We encounter a lot of misunderstanding about what organic farming means, including some from multiple buyers who haven't really got to grips with the idea that part of the commercial popularity of organic foods is the distinctive character they can impart." The independent trade is Pertwood's main supply route. The range is wheat, dairy and GM free with no added sugar. {{FOCUS SPECIALS }}