Inter Link Foods reported a strong half-year performance, powered partly by doubling its mince pie production.
The company said acquiring Farmhouse Holdings for £5m and investing £2.6m in its mince pie production had doubled Inter Link’s mince pie capacity. It sold 65 million mince pies in the last six months. Chief executive Paul Griffiths added: “Due to increasingly detailed information from the major retailers, we had a pretty good idea of demand over Christmas. This year was even better than last year in terms of availability.”
He said that the £1.17m acquisition of Polish cake supplier Cukiernia Mistrza Jana before Christmas would provide opportunities for imports and for European expansion.
The company reported sales of £44.23m in the six months to October 30, up a third on the same period in 2003. Pre-tax profit grew by 16%, from £1.79m to £2.08m. The business aims to become the UK’s second-largest cake supplier through further investment and acquisitions.