An average of more than 2,000kg of illegal food products from non-EU countries has been seized at Dublin airport every month this year, according to Irish agriculture and food minister Joe Walsh. Some of the products came from countries where foot and mouth is endemic, he said, announcing a crackdown on the commercial and personal importation of animal-based products from EU and non-EU countries. Personal imports from non-EU countries are now banned, with a small number of exceptions that include powdered infant food. Imports of items such as honey, snails, frogs' legs and fish are limited to 1kg. Personal imports of meat, milk and milk-based products from EU countries are limited to 10kg. Much stricter controls will also operate for commercial food imports from EU countries, according to the minister, with a requirement that all animal-based products be declared for examination, rather than treated as mixed cargo, as had been the case. New warning signs are being posted at all ports and airports, with officials directed to seize any unauthorised imports. {{NEWS }}