Companies which wrongly label their products GM-free' or organic' could face prosecution in the Irish Republic, according to the Food Safety Authority of Ireland (FSAI).
The warning follows a consumer survey which found that of 75 food products selected at random from supermarkets, 12 tested positive for GM ingredients, and seven of these were wrongly labelled.
According to Dr Pat O'Mahony, the FSAI's chief specialist in biotechnology, "there is no justification" for inaccurately labelling a food GM-free. "The industry is entitled to use legitimate strategies, such as labelling, to gain market share, but responsibility for the accuracy of these labels rests solely with it," he said.
He was particularly concerned that three of the manufacturers identified in the latest test were "repeat offenders". Another two had been aware of the GM ingredients in their products, but had said they thought they would be diluted in the manufacturing process.
Five of those products with traces of GM ingredients indicated they were GM-free. One had an organic label, while the seventh was labelled both organic and GM-free.

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