Industry leaders are holding their breath with potentially just days to go until the fate of advertising of food and drink to children is decided.

Commumications watchdog Ofcom held a private board meeting this week to discuss the three-month consultation, the results of which it is predicted to publish as early as next week.

The Food Advertising Unit, one of five organisations in a coalition formed to make a cross-industry response to the investigation, said it was anxious about the volume of press covering the call for a pre-9pm ban on commercials deemed to be promoting unhealthy food or drink to kids.

"We're concerned about political pressure being put on unjustifiably by consumer groups," said FAU public affairs manager Suzanne ­Edmond.

"But we are hopeful Ofcom, as an evidence-based regulator, will take a proportionate approach. It's a tough decision to make on an emotive issue."

A spokeswoman for the Food and Drink Federation said it was not implausible for Ofcom to call a further consultation.

"Ofcom has been playing its cards very close to its chest - we've not been given any guide as to which way it could go."

Ofcom would not confirm details of this week's discussions, but a spokesman said it was on schedule to make an announcement in the coming weeks.