Shipments of plums from Israel to the UK will leap this season, according to Agrexco, the country’s largest fresh produce marketing group.
Steve Hopkins, Agrexco’s category manager, said: “This season we will see shipments double to 4,000 tonnes in comparison with last year.”
New plum varieties grown in the northern part of Israel have extended its export season to the UK from a few weeks in early spring to one which lasts from May through to October. This means it has been able to take on produce from sources such as France, Italy and Spain.
Many of Israel’s new varieties have been bred by fruit technologist Seffi Ben-Dor, who has built up an international reputation for his work. This week Ben-Dor was visiting UK supermarket buyers and technologists ahead of the arrival of specialist golden varieties such as Lamoon and Zeheva.
Meanwhile, the English crop will start to arrive at the end of the month, with Victorias available throughout August.