It has also been professing all the while that it is making steady progress with plans to reduce red tape. And in line with those protestations, the latest move unveiled earlier this month was the publication of a White Paper outlining measures to simplify and modernise company law and save money for British business. It is the first major review of company law in 150 years. A retailer recently asked me if there was any way she could reduce her personal mountains of red tape relating to staff. The only way she could do this would be to employ only part-timers who earned below the lower earnings limit. Only then is there little employment paperwork. It is just a question of filling in and hanging on to the P46 which states that the staff member is not employed anywhere else. The Inland Revenue calls this "the employer's safeguard". Finally, if you are having trouble dealing with all the paperwork, you could enlist help via the Employer Support helpline on 0845 60 70 143. Theoretically it is there to help out businesses under three years old but in fact will help anyone. If you wish, it will even send a member of its business support team out on a one-to-one basis to your premises to help scale that mountain of paper. {{GROCER CLUB }}