On a rain soaked Yorkshire day, Jacksons brought a bit of light to the city with the sounds of a jazz band and its offer of 100 unmissable deals in the store. Company reps had been up all night covering the shop with balloons and all was set for a successful launch. Unfortunately members of the public are never backward in coming forward, whatever the occasion. As Jacksons officials proudly escorted the assembled journalists around the store, in stomped one local who proceeded to vent his spleen about the fact that delivery lorries were constantly getting in his way. What were they going to do about it, he asked. Richard Lancaster, Jacksons trading director, stepped in to smooth things over. Could it be that the local man was just taking advantage of Jacksons' Archie Norman-like Ask Richard' scheme, I wondered. Then it was back to London because the next day I was at Westminster Catering College judging The Great Taste Awards. Over 3,000 specimens of speciality and fine foods were fighting it out. I was looking forward to sampling the best in UK foods. Would it be cheeses, fudge or luxury jams, I wondered. Two hours and 30 dense chocolate and fruit cakes later, and I could just about manage to roll out of the college. I knew there must have been a good reason for getting into the food and drink industry all those years ago. {{COUNTERPOINT }}