Beverage Brands is putting £4m behind a summer marketing blitz for WKD.
Part of a £24m spend for the RTD brand this year, the drive includes a two-month burst of TV advertising.
The ads will be screened around sporting events as well as during major series showing on Channel 4. The ads run until the end of August.
The brand's return to the small screen will be supported by a cinema campaign which continues to use the exploits of a group of male friends to promote the drink's "irreverent and fun positioning".
A poster campaign, which will include 48 sites on the London Underground and other mainline train stations, is planned for August, and is designed to increase awareness of the WKD Silver variant.
Sampling at various summer music festivals will also feature in the plans along with competitions to win WKD-branded festival "survival kits" containing toilet roll, ponchos, toothpaste and toothbrushes.
Karen Salters, marketing manager at Beverage Brands, said: "We have upweighted our investment in WKD this year because with so many me-too' products being manufactured, innovation and consistent levels of brand support are paramount in sustaining growth within the alcoholic RTD sector."