100th store Jacksons was due to reach its century this Friday, with the opening in York of its 100th store. The northern c-store multiple is also looking at an additional 12-15 sites, and managing director Angus Oughtred has said he wanted to hit a total of 200 outlets within the next five years. The Nisa supplied chain is carrying out a refurbishment of its entire estate, set to be finished next year. Business development manager Mike Igoe said the group had been using demographic data supplied by information company Experian in its refurbishment programme. With this data, it has divided its estate into four clusters ranging from To the manor born' at one end of the social spectrum to The Royale Family' at the other, and one called The Young Ones'. Igoe said the cluster work had influenced merchandising and even the type of music in individual stores on the Jackson's FM instore radio. l Igoe will give a presentation on the cluster work this week at the launch of C-View, a service combining Experian's demographic data with Convenience Tracking programme data from Harris International Marketing. {{NEWS }}