Burton’s Foods has announced plans for up to 660 redundancies at its site in Moreton, The Wirral, as part of a restructure.

Following a company-wide review, it has decided to cease production of biscuits at the Moreton site, though chocolate manufacture and the assembly of seasonal assortments will continue.

"While Burton’s Foods is a successful business, we operate in a highly competitive environment against a backdrop of overcapacity in the UK biscuit market," said Paul Kitchener, chief executive of Burton’s Foods.

“It is clear that we need to be proactive in anticipating future market, customer, consumer and cost challenges.

"A streamlined and more flexible manufacturing capability is essential to allow the business to capitalise on growth opportunities.

“We believe this is the best solution to embrace changes in the market and secure the long-term success of Burton’s Foods and its remaining 2,400 employees”.

It is proposed that up to 300 jobs will remain at Moreton, with products currently produced at this site transferring to other manufacturing facilities.