Name: Ben Haynes Position: Marketing director Company: Petty, Wood The job: To develop a business that boasts a 40-strong stable of brands across a wide range of categories and retail outlets. Petty, Wood is a £29m a year distributor of premium food and drink, including star perfomer energy drink brand V. It is a major player in the independent sector but the customer base includes supermarkets keen on traditional, quality products. Next year will see a root and branch review of the Epicure brand. Haynes will bring NPD into the marketing department, as well as building up Petty, Wood's online presence and marketing support. Background: A one-time Geest executive, Haynes built up a formidable foreign supplier base during the five and a half years he spent at Leathams, building the Merchant Gourmet brand. "From a £250k brand when I started, it grew into an £8m part of the total business," said Haynes. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}