Name: Jens Henrik Møller Position: Marketing director Company: Danske Slagterier The job: The Danish pigmeat industry is the only one in Europe which is actively increasing pig production in a global market where prices have been severely depressed for two years. With the prospect of 25 million Danish pigs a year within five years, the need to sell around the world is as great as ever. With the prospect of China joining the World Trade Organisation, the Danes have already done the groundwork to be able to develop trading relations in the world's largest pig market. Background: Møller is shadowing Øivind Hoen, who will retire next October after more than 30 years' service. Hoen's experience in building the image of the Danish pig industry around the whole world is unparalleled. Møller previously worked for a Danish fish producers' trade association and is no stranger to international trading. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}