Name: Iain Lumsden Position: Senior Buyer Company: Parfetts The job: Lumsden takes on the role of senior buyer at the Parfetts' Halifax depot. He is responsible for all stock purchases and the negotiation of promotions with suppliers. His remit is to maintain stock levels, margins, sales and relations with suppliers for the cash and carry. He said: "Parfetts have owned the warehouse for three years, and growth has been excellent. Part of my job is to keep that up." Background: Lumsden re-joined Parfetts after working for two years as buyer for a retail company operating from Abu Dhabi and Bahrain. He says his time in the Middle East broadened his outlook on life. "I'd lived abroad for a period as a child and I was tempted to go abroad for a couple of years to fulfil an ambition to experience other cultures," he says. "I was surprised to see the vast differences in business practice compared with those in the UK." Lumsden started out as a trainee buyer working under founder Steve Parfett at Parfetts in 1987. When he left in 1999 he was drinks and confectionery buyer. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}