Name: Richard Ali
Position: Director of food policy
Company: British Retail Consortium
The job: Ali will be responsible for a small team representing British retailers which sell food, even if it's only part of their offering, and foodservice businesses. It will report to the government and comment on legislation and trade issues, including technical standards. Ali said: "We're going to embark on a strategy for sustainable food retailing and are seeking to discuss this with manufacturers and the government." He said his team would look into food chain issues, such as quality assurance marks, and the establishment of a food chain centre under IGD. The increased bureaucracy coming from the European Parliament will come under scrutiny too. "It wants to achieve political objectives through business," Ali said.
Background: Ali worked for the Royal Bank of Scotland in 1990 and 1991 after graduating from Reading University. In 1991 he returned to Reading to take a Masters in agricultural economics. He joined the US Embassy in 1992 and worked for the US department of agriculture as senior advisor on food and agriculture. In 1997 he became director for Europe, Russia and the Middle East, from where he joined the BRC.