Online recruitment is being taken very seriously by William Reed, publisher of The Grocer. The company is famous for providing the definitive one-stop marketplace for jobs in food and drink in the pages of this magazine. Now that service is being extended with increasing investment in the internet. The grocerjobs web site has just been redesigned, and includes more new and innovative dimensions than ever. Not only have we got a unique daily job service, offering up to 20 new jobs in sales, retail or marketing every day, but we have also launched Video Jobs. So now you can see your prospective employers before they see you ­ a priceless service when you're looking for a change in career. During the first week of launching Video Jobs a jobseeker e-mailed from Australia, expressing how important the service could be for overseas candidates looking to live and work in the UK. Employers looking for staff can not only promote the job but also the company, the office, the boss and even what car the new recruit will be driving! "This is a great extension of our brand," said Elaine Marshall, recruitment advertising director, "providing not just a recruitment campaign but a multimedia presentation of your company's profile to boot." The Grocer can even help you with the production of your film. For more information please call Elaine Marshall on 01293 610252. {{PEOPLE MOVES }}