The Association of Convenience Stores has welcomed a government rethink on proposals to split up the National Lottery operating licence to create a separate operator for each lottery game.
Secretary of state for culture, media and sport, Tessa Jowell announced the review this week, in the wake of lobbying from groups including the ACS.
Jowell said: “We take seriously the concerns that have been raised and recognise the need for a fresh look at how we can maximise returns to good causes.”
The department will look at recent studies of their proposals. A spokesman said: “It’s an open book. We have not abandoned the multi-licensing approach.”
A decision would be reached before plans were made for the next operating licence at the end of the year, he said. The ACS said the proposals for more licences and different operators were unworkable and harmful to convenience stores.
ACS public affairs and communications manager James Lowman said they would cause confusion, operational difficulties and additional demand on retail space.
He said: “The review shows that the government recognises the valuable role of the retailer in the National Lottery.”