Britvic Soft Drinks is bringing out an impulse-sized version of Juice Up exclusively for the independent sector. The new 440ml version ­ which Britvic is dubbing street size' ­ will be available from March 19 in all three Juice Up flavours (Smooth Orange, Cool Berry and Sunshine Tropical). Rsp: 75p. Britvic has created new PoS for independents, including shelf dividers, shelf wobblers, chiller stickers and posters ­ all part of the £8m promotional package going behind Juice Up's first year. Other activity includes TV, press and radio advertising and consumer promotions. Juice Up ­ made with fruit juice and milk and pitching itself as a healthier juice drink for kids ­ launched last June into the chilled juice drinks category, treading on the territory of Procter & Gamble's Sunny Delight. Britvic quotes ACNielsen figures saying that fruit drink sales rose by 28% in value against a total soft drinks increase of 7.5% in the 12 weeks after the launch of Juice Up. So far it has only been available in the multiples in 1.3 litre and 6 x 200ml packs. So despite making kids aware of the product through the TV adverts, they haven't been able to buy it from their corner shop. Andrew Marsden, Britvic's category director, said: "The segment is set for long-term growth and our huge support package will ensure that Juice Up fulfils its potential of becoming a 60 million litre brand in this dynamic sector." {{MARKETING - P&P }}