Kyndal has added a new 10-year-old single malt to its Isle of Jura whisky range. Superstition is designed to fit between the core 10-year-old and 16-year-old Isle of Jura whiskies.
The distiller claims to have created an industry first by blending two types of Jura styles to make Superstition.
It is a highly peated version including whisky that has been aged for up to 21 years.
The spirit takes its name from the legends and myths surrounding the Scottish island of Jura, where the malt is distilled.
Kyndal's international marketing manager, Chris Conway, said: "New product development is critical. Superstition will play a supportive role to the core 10-year-old. It will be bottled at 45% abv."
It will be available from mid-December and is priced at £26.99.