Says: My store has a full convenience offering, including a wide range of newspapers and magazines and an off-licence section.

A company called Able Alarms installed CCTV inside the shop before I took over management almost five years ago. It costs £180 every quarter to maintain, so it is almost certainly an expensive option for a retailer such as myself. But I would say that it has been well worth it. I firmly believe that it has been highly effective in deterring criminal activity.

We would like to get funding from the local authority to help install CCTV on the outside of the shop as well, as we have encountered problems with youths hanging around there.

Crime is, of course, one of the biggest problems that an independent retailer faces. Like everyone else, I have had my fair share of problems, but fortunately they have not been regular occurrences. I would like to think I can at least partly thank the CCTV for that.

CCTV is not our only security measure. For example, we have had mirrors fitted so staff can see the blind spots in the shop.