Kleenex is tying to broaden the appeal of its mansize tissues with a family-orientated rebranding.

Kleenex for Men is being rebranded as Kleenex Mansize and being given a new compact box and more mainstream, rather than male-oriented, graphics.

The move, which will be supported by a £2.5m campaign this autumn, would be its biggest transformation in the brand's 51-year history, brand owner Kimberly-Clark claimed.

The new-look brand, rolling out now, contains the same size tissues but is sold in a twin-pack, each with 50 tissues. Compact boxes are intended to appeal to the needs of young families. "People who buy mansize tissues spend 30% more on tissues per year, so by attracting new customers we will grow category sales," said brand manager Jon Mackin.

However, traditional big boxes would not be scrapped while there was still demand as Kleenex did not want to alienate its original male market, he added.