Up to 3,000 farmers have been recruited by the NFU to check their local supermarkets are taking the government's crackdown on the labelling of British produced goods seriously. The scheme, dubbed Label Watch, was launched in response to complaints from angry farmers and consumers who were confused about inaccurate food labelling. NFU president Ben Gill said new labelling guidelines set out by agriculture minister Nick Brown at its annual conference last month needed to be checked out by the producers themselves. "When farmers find meat labelled produced in the UK', when it has merely been sliced and packaged here, then that hurts," he said. "With Label Watch we hope to get tangible results to form a strong basis on which to ensure the new guidelines are being followed," he added. Asda, Tesco, Safeway, Sainsbury and Somerfield said farmers were welcome to check labelling. "We'll be interested to know what they think," said a Sainsbury spokeswoman. lThe NFU has welcomed Tesco's Farming Initiative 2000, saying pledges to introduce clearer labelling, training for young farmers and support for the union's British-produced trademark initiative is a boost to members. {{NEWS }}