The Food and Drink Federation is launching a last-ditch bid to turn around the Welsh Assembly’s ban on what it describes as “unhealthy” products from hospital vending machines.

The FDF has set up a coalition with the Automatic Vending Association, the British Soft Drinks Asso­ciation, CBI Wales and the National Farmers’ Union of Wales, among others, to lobby the Welsh Govern­ment to rethink its approach to vending.

Ministers have used the Food Standards Agency’s Nutrient Profiling Model as the basis of the new regulations. This was despite the fact the NPM was developed for the sole purpose of supporting Ofcom’s rules on TV advertising to children and that even the FSA advised Welsh ministers against the use of it in this instance.

The coalition claimed the new regulations would unfairly reduce choice for people working in hospitals or visiting friends and relatives.

“These regulations are so badly drafted that they will not lead to the development of healthy vending but will effectively mean vending will no longer be viable in Welsh hospitals,” said FDF director of communications Julian Hunt.