Manchester Evening News is to launch its Sunday sports paper, the Sunday Pink, on August 20. The paper is a spin-offfrom the original sport supplement of the Manchester Evening News which was printed on pink coloured paper. The 64 pager will now be a completely separate entity with 48 pages devoted to sports coverage and 16 pages carrying news, entertainment and features. The paper kicks off at the same time as the football season and will cover all levels of sport from amateur to professional. The publisher said: "The paper will offer a new focus on the thousands of amateur sportsmen and women in the region. "Results, league tables and features from a range of amateur sports will also be published." The publishers are optimistic about the concept and claim: "The new Sunday will stand the traditional mix of news and sport on its head." The Sunday Pink's launch will be supported by a massive poster campaign based on the catch line: The Sunday Pink ­ bursting with the region's sport. The paper will cost 50p and be printed in Manchester to distribute to newsagents across the region. {{CTN }}