The news that Dutch chain Laurus has secured desperately needed financing from bankers was overshadowed by a bitter attack on its supervisory director and leading shareholder by former chairman Willy Angenent. Angenent called for Eric Albada Jelgersma's resignation, alleging he "went behind the back of the management board in order to influence company policy. "That is a cardinal sin in corporate governance." He added: "It is very difficult for a major shareholder to limit himself in his role as supervisory board member." Jelgersma categorically denied the allegations and accused Angenent of acting out of personal dislike for his former colleague. A spokesman for Jelgersma said: "It is preposterous to say Jelgersma had all this influence over the supervisory board ­ there are four other members too. "To say he was a great promoter of the plan [to convert all the stores to the Konmar formula] is simply not true. When the chairman presented the scheme he got the full approval of all the board members." Dutch paper NRC Handelsblad has retracted claims published last week that Jelgersma signed a lucrative side deal to control rental properties for some Laurus stores without paying upkeep costs. Laurus was given a 250 million euros lifeline this week from banks to help restore its fortunes after a dreadful year. {{NEWS }}