Simon Mowbray Britain's grocery aisles look set to be hit by an influx of new products which are already winging their way to consumers around the globe. At least, that is if the wares on show at this year's International New Products Forum at Leatherhead are anything to go by. The event, produced by Leatherhead Food RA in partnership with The Grocer and Mintel, once again attracted a host of delegates from the UK's fmcg marketing scene and beyond. And they weren't disappointed as a day of lectures and new product displays left little doubt that 2002 promises to be another innovative year for both manufacturers and retailers. More than 100 new products already being sold all over the world were on show, including some which raised a few eyebrows in the UK during the last 12 months ­ Nescafé's Hot When You Want self-heating coffee can and Cott Beverages' RAC 124 energy drink to name just two. Delegates were also given a hint as to what the next new trends are likely to be. Dorothy Mackenzie, director of brand consultancy Dragon, said: "Opportunities often lie in providing needs which people do not yet even realise they have. The key is to look at how people are behaving." {{P&P }}