A survey of opinions on the switch to metric weights and measures carried out by field marketing company Headcount has shown a mixed reaction among independent retailers. The legislation requires retailers to use metric scales that weigh in grams and kilograms, which could be coupled with an imperial scale if they wish. Headcount interviewed 240 retailers in major conurbations and 38% said they had been inconvenienced either by the time or cost involved in switching, while 40% said they were not. Just over 30% said they had received no help from the government in adjusting to the change, while 22% said the government had assisted them. Retailers gave a similar response when asked about the help they had received from manufacturers and suppliers. It was clear from a straw poll of members of The Grocer Club that shoppers have turned a deaf ear to the metric move. Jane Moore, who runs The Village Stores at Cheswardine, Shropshire, was not alone is saying that all her customers continued to order in imperial weights. "They have no idea what their requirement would be in kilograms or grams." And Southend retailer Chris Clemson said: "We're wasting our time if we try to talk about metric weights." {{GROCER CLUB }}