Procter & Gamble is giving consumers less paper for their money from July 17 as it makes changes to Bounty amid claims the brand has failed to take off in the UK. The size of sheet in packs of Fantasy and Designer is being cut, and there will be fewer sheets per roll. Bounty White gets smaller sheets while Select gets fewer per roll. But the rsp of all packs remains the same. P&G insists the changes are not a sign that Bounty is struggling ­ even though the kitchen towel's market share has fallen to 14% from a post launch high of 21%. Bounty was launched a year ago on a promotional wave of £30m amid predictions it would double kitchen towel usage in the UK. UK paper marketing manager Mark Brickhill admitted Bounty's performance "hasn't been exceptional," but said P&G was pleased overall. He added: "It's established brand leader and still growing." Brickhill said the changes were due to escalating paper pulp costs and were being made so that P&G would not have to put up the price of its premium brand. But rivals have suggested the change in paper size has more to do with the fact P&G is importing Bounty rolls due to production problems at its Manchester plant. Brickhill denied there were any production hiccups. He said rolls were still being produced "predominantly" in Manchester ­ although some were coming from Europe. ·See cover feature, p32 {{P&P }}