Retailers may have to turn down their external lighting under new laws coming into force next month.
For the first time local councils get powers to crack down on "light pollution" and compel businesses to reduce excessive illumination.
The legislation also gives councils additional powers to seize, store and dispose of abandoned shopping trolleys. From April 6, residents who consider outside lighting a nuisance can - under the Clean Neighbourhoods and Environment Act - complain.
If a grievance is upheld and orders to reduce excessive lighting are ignored, those responsible can be fined up to £5,000 and "light pollution"will be treated as a criminal offence.
Local authorities, however, are being urged to try to negotiate compromises between residents and the owners of the lights before seeking court action.
The rules governing the collection and disposal of abandoned trolleys are intended to make it easier for councils to recover the costs of dealing with the nuisance through billing the apparent owners for the removal, storage and disposal of the trolley.