I agree with the views of Sir Paul McCartney that we should attempt to have a meat-free day (The Grocer, 21 June, p5). However I believe that Monday is not the most suitable day.

Mondays' meals are often made up of surplus ingredients from the traditional Sunday roast and I believe that this practice still continues in many households today; I would imagine that it was common practice in Paul's young days in Liverpool.

Not choosing Monday would also prevent an increase in food waste, which is high in the UK.

In order that families are not deprived the use of leftover meat, I suggest that another day in the week is promoted as a meat-free day, perhaps a Tuesday or, dare I suggest, a Friday - the traditional religious day of abstinence.

Paul - don't give up the idea of a meat-free day, but consider a more appropriate time of the week to plump for vegetarian.