Advertising ran in bursts throughout the year and showed girls who didn't use Impulse as unable to raise their arms, while those who did behaved normally. The £9m marketing campaign also included sampling, direct marketing and press ads. Sales Information Resources shows sales of Impulse anti-perspirants, deodorants and wipes totalled £8.5m for the year ending February 2002. Top performers were Dove in women's products with sales of £21m, and unisex Sure brand at £45m. The company says "With nearly 50% share of the market, Impulse is the UK's leading female bodyspray brand. The launch of the anti-perspirants saw a real step change ­ providing 24-hour protection in line with the brand proposition of all-over body freshness. It takes time to change consumers' habits and while the anti-perspirant range has not met its ambitious launch targets, the brand continues to grow its total market share. Last year's Free your Arms' campaign made an impact on consumers and a new communications campaign is planned." {{P&P }}