The company declared an ambitious aim of adding £12m to the clothes care category and introduced an extra fragrance in February 2002 backed by another £5m campaign featuring cloth characters Darren and Lisa. Sales Information Resources has recorded sales of £8.5m for the year to March 24 2002 across grocers and chemists. It puts the laundry aids market at £71.5m, up 17.3%. The company says "The laundry aisle is one of the most visited in supermarkets, yet consumers spend the least time there. We are trying to add excitement with products that make onerous chores more pleasant. "We set a target of 15% penetration for Comfort Vaporesse in 2001 and it achieved 17.8%. It also grew the ironing aids sector by £7.4m, even more in 2002, with one in five households having purchased. It already has a repeat purchase rate of 40%, with 600,000 households having bought eight or more bottles since launch, and 10% of sales come from consumers new to the category. Sales of the new fragrance are also exceeding expectations." {{P&P }}