A plan to help the UK pig industry has been announced by a pioneer in organic meat production ­ Eastbrook Farms Organic Meat. It has joined forces with British Quality Pigs/Bosworth Quality Food, a division of Associated British Nutrition. The joint venture, Eastbrook Farm Organic Pigs, will be 50/50 joined by the two companies. It aims to combine the benefits of organic production with that of free range pig breeding. The move comes in a bid to stem the flow of imported organic pigmeat into the country, with more than 70% from abroad ­ primarily Denmark, Sweden and Germany. Eastbrook Farms aims to support and advise farmers who want to turn organic, and help secure contracts. The announcement comes in the wake of the revelation the UK pig industry is losing £4m a week and has lost 25,000 jobs in the past 18 months. The report by the National Pig Association, the MLC and the British Pig Executive says a further 24,000 jobs are under immediate threat. {{NEWS }}