A substantial reduction in the damage smuggling is causing to independent retailers has been revealed in a poll of readers conducted this week.
The figures are still high, according to The Grocer’s Independent retailers’ Reader Panel, with 37% believing their business is adversely affected by smuggling.
But this is down from the 73% who answered yes to the same question in our last poll (The Grocer, January 4, p18).
The number who believe the problem has worsened in the past 12 months is also well down at 29% compared with 42% last time. The number of readers who said they knew of people in their area who were selling smuggled goods is also down from 37% to 29%.
A massive majority of independent retailers still believe that the government should act to remove the incentive for smuggling, with some 66% saying that it should remove the tax differential between tobacco products in this country compared with those on the Continent.