The Linda McCartney brand ­ best known for its range of meat substitute frozen meals ­ is moving into the vegetable-based and organic product categories with the launch of its new Kitchen Garden range. The eight new Kitchen Garden frozen products include five organic products ­ vegetable burgers and spicy bean burgers (rsp £1.69), vegetable grills (rsp £1.29), chunky vegetable pies (rsp £1.69) and leek & potato pasties (rsp £1.69) ­ and three low fat ready meals: roasted vegetable lasagne, vegetable curry with pilau rice and vegetable stew and dumplings (rsp £1.49). The launch is backed by a £1.5m TV campaign in November aimed at the brand's core target of women aged 25 to 45. Chris Phillips, marketing controller at the meat free division of Heinz Frozen & Chilled Foods, said the launch offered a £10m opportunity to grow the category. The £34m Linda McCartney brand leads the frozen meat substitute category but so far it has had no presence in the vegetable based category which accounts for 51.1% of the meat free sector [TNSofres Superpanel]. Phillips said: "The new range will expand the category, increase spend and generate incremental profit." {{P&P }}