Children's food specialist Little Dish is making its TV debut this month through a revenue-based tie up with Nickelodeon.

The brand filmed the 30-second ad this week with technical assistance from creative directors and a production team from Viacom Brand Solutions, the sales house for the Nickelodeon TV network.

As part of the deal, VBS will provide Little Dish with at least £100,000 of free advertising slots on its Nick Jr, Nick Jr+1 and Nick Toonster channels over the next two years, in return for a percentage of any increased revenue.

Little Dish founder Hilary Graves said the TV company was attracted to Little Dish because its ingredients were healthy enough to pass Ofcom¹s rules for advertising directly to children.

"Our products ticked all the boxes to keep Ofcom happy, but we had a very limited marketing budget," said Graves. "With this deal we can expect to reach 1.7 million parents. For a three-year-old company to have national TV coverage is very exciting."

The advert, which breaks on 18 May, shows the animals on the Little Dish packaging coming to life.

The deal is part of VBS's Force for Enterprise scheme to support up-

and-coming businesses that struggle to afford TV advertising.